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This Q&A has been prepared to answer questions about HONEUR and related topics.

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How it works As shown below, each of the data partners in this example has the applications in place to interrogate their own data or to execute an analysis script that is developed centrally by...

How to become an HONEUR data partner HONEUR’s goal is to develop a network with diverse geographic coverage across Europe. Any registry, hospital, physicians’ association or scientific institute...

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<p>HONEUR (Haematology Outcomes Network in Europe) is a Janssen-led initiative that is all about collaboration. Rather than creating a central data repository, the HONEUR federated data network...

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Contact For general information: Kristina Bardenheuer, Project Lead kbardenh@its.jnj.com T: +49 172 415 9508 For technical information: Michel Van Speybroeck, Data Science Director...

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Core principles HONEUR optimises how Real-World Data are analysed to speed-up the generation of Real-World Evidence HONEUR data partners share real-world insights that can contribute to...

Our investment in real world data Our compensation is based on Fair Market Value (FMV) and consists of three pillars: SET UP REMUNERATION When you join the network, we compensate your IT-based...

Join the network Any registry, hospital, physicians’ association or scientific institute with a data set on patients with haematological malignancies that fulfills certain prerequisites can become...

Research questions Data partners can choose to initiate their own questions and participate (or not) in those posed by other data partners. These are just a few examples; as HONEUR evolves, answers...

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