Accelerated real-world data analysis and evidence sharing

Federated network connectivity, data always stays local

What is HONEUR?

Treating patients with haematological malignancies has progressed significantly in recent years, but extensive scientific research is still needed. Fortunately, there’s a huge untapped resource that can help: Real-World Data (RWD).

At Janssen, we believe RWD has the transformational potential to help us develop new tools and evidence-based therapies, and evolve from disease-centred to patient-centred models of healthcare. The more widespread acceptance and usage of RWD is one of the key drivers in moving to a value-based healthcare system. Value-based healthcare seeks better population health outcomes and improved patient experiences, while promoting sustainability through increased efficiency and reduced health spending overall.

Better collaboration is the key to unlocking RWD’s potential – uniting data partners, leveraging complementary strengths, and standardising data to a common data model.

To this end, HONEUR (Haematological Outcomes Network in Europe) was created to increase knowledge and understanding of haematological malignancies and improve outcomes for patients across Europe.

We invite you to join HONEUR and become part of a federated network that is collaborating to unlock the transformational potential of Real-World Data (RWD). Together, we can help create a faster, more efficient European research environment that better shares and manages Real-World Evidence (RWE) generated from RWD.

Our mission

With HONEUR, we have created a secure, collaborative platform that enables partnering data centres across Europe, including Janssen, to liberate the transformational potential of Real-World Evidence.

Our approach

We use a holistic approach: combining technology and data science to be able to analyse data from hospitals, registries and other sources.

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Data partner benefits

Collaboration with full data control – data always stays local
Strengthened ability to perform high quality research as part of a federated network
Compensation of efforts based on Fair Market Value
Increased data value via expanded authorship in publications and the possibility of sponsored studies
Access to more than 55,000 data sets of patients with MM/CLL/AML
Participation in a network that is pioneering data management and analysis
Improved understanding of how patients are treated in the real world


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