COVID-19 Update:

As a leader in global health, the safety of our patients, customers and employees is our top priority. In these challenging times, many of HONEUR’s current and prospective data partner institutions are on the frontline of the battle with COVID-19. Their work in caring for those affected is of paramount importance.

Our HONEUR country representatives want to respect the urgent priorities facing hospitals right now, so we will work with participating and potentially interested sites only as they deem appropriate.

Within Janssen, we are continuing to progress HONEUR, as it remains a key strategic initiative in enabling real-time, real-world evidence studies using data from federated networks. We look forward to returning to full speed in due course.

We would also like to extend our gratitude and thanks to all healthcare professionals for their exceptional efforts in caring for patients at this time.


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To join the HONEUR network, only few prerequisites are needed. Basically, any registry, hospital, physician association or any scientific institute with a dataset on patients with haematological malignancies can participate. Our goal is to develop a network with diverse geographical coverage across Europe.

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We will use your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy to enroll you as a member, respond to your inquiries and fulfill your requests as necessary for our legitimate interest and possibly to comply with our legal obligations relating to pharmacovigilance or product quality.

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