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What is HONEUR? HONEUR (Haematology Outcomes Network in Europe) is a new, Janssen-led collaboration amongst data centres in Europe, working together to scale up research on haematological...

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Join the network To join the HONEUR network, only few prerequisites are needed. Basically, any registry, hospital, physician association or any scientific institute with a dataset on patients with...

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Federated data network of haematology centres: Centres maintain control of their data. Respect the rights of the individual: Data privacy (e.g. GDPR). Highest standards of ethical rigour: Ethics...

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What is HONEUR? HONEUR stands for Haematology Outcomes Network in Europe. Historically, the network of data centres across Europe has often been duplicative and uncoordinated, so the...

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Real World Data is critically important RWD is very different from data gathered in clinical trials. In clinical trials, strict basic conditions are applied to allow for the best comparability...

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Welcome to HONEUR What HONEUR Is About

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Janssen signs first two data centres to its Haematology Outcomes Network in Europe (HONEUR) 12/04/2019 Improving results for patients by realising the transformational potential of Real World Data ...

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Kristina Bardenheuer HONEUR project lead

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