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Data partner benefits Collaboration with full data control – data always stays local Strengthened ability to perform high quality research as part of a federated network Compensation of...

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HONEUR Meeting

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This Q&A has been prepared to answer questions about HONEUR and related topics.

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Real World Data and Real World Evidence – What’s the difference? Real World Data (RWD) is health data, usually created by healthcare professionals and also by patients, as part of routine health...

HONEUR’s principles Do you want to know more about HONEUR’s network principles? Check it out here.

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RWE in practice Sweden – Since 1998, Sweden's national Cataract Registry has collected nationwide data on postoperative endophthalmitis (PE), which, although rare, results in blindness in between...

Our Mission To create a secure, collaborative platform that enables participants across Europe to liberate the transformational potential of Real World Data. Our Vision We want to help create a...

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Join the network To join the HONEUR network, only few prerequisites are needed. Basically, any registry, hospital, physician association or any scientific institute with a dataset on patients with...

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What is HONEUR? HONEUR stands for Haematology Outcomes Network in Europe. Historically, the network of data centres across Europe has often been duplicative and uncoordinated, so the...

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Real World Data is critically important RWD is very different from data gathered in clinical trials. In clinical trials, strict basic conditions are applied to allow for the best comparability...

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Welcome to HONEUR What HONEUR Is About

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Not found the answer you are looking for? Please contact Lars Halvorsen and / or Peter Moorthamer for all your HONEUR related technical questions.

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